Creating a Patina Effect Using Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kits

patina effect Using Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Paint System

Hello, it’s Dana Sanchez!

People who know me often point out that I like to make new things look old, rusted, and well used.  I have dearly loved things found in the attic, treasures marked by age and history or touched by the color of time.  This is one of the reasons that I use the Tattered Angels line of Naturally Aged Paint kits.  These kits come with four bottles of paint that create a look mimicking the patina of age.

For this piece, I used a tin box and a book set I found on sale at Michael’s and the White Rusty Metal Naturally Aged Paint Kit.  I topped it with an inexpensive little resin frame and embellishments from my stash drawer.

High Impact Paint on Tin

I painted High Impact White Paint included in the kit on all the box surfaces.

Painting Metal 3

I made a tutorial to show you just how easy creating an interesting, aged look can be.  All the Naturally Aged Paint Kits come with paints in a variety of formulas that work together to great effect.  The White Rusty Metal kit includes an opaque High Impact Paint which acts like an acrylic, a semi-opaque water-based Base Board mist,  and two translucent Glimmer Mists with their touch of shimmer.

After doing the outside and inside of the box, I embellished.  The box was a fairly simple project.  One kit + surfaces.

patina effect Using Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Paint System

A tiny bit of High Impact Aqua accented the wire.  I added gears left over from my steampunk projects.

Some time ago, I found an internet post that responded to a grieving person’s cry for help. The answer stayed with me. I shared it on social media but I still couldn’t get the eloquent imagery of the unknown writer’s response out of my head. Finally, after finding this little tin box and book kit an idea began to take shape. I used my Tattered Angels paints to recreate what I had read.  The High Impact White Paint was a great foundation for the front and back covers and the entire interior of the accordion style book.  I used the White Rusty Metal Paint kit and a variety of other Tattered Angels colors to illustrate the book.

Scars Book

Blending Tattered Angels Paints

Grief Story

Painting in an accordion book

Creating this helped me find expression for the words I had read. Art does that. I am so blessed that I could share it with you.  I think someday I might meet someone struggling with grief and maybe I could share this box and book with that person.  Maybe it will help them too.

Read the Annonymous writer’s post about grief HERE.

Thank you for having me! Have a great day!


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