Creative Journal I Painted Canvas Cover

My Creative Journey started at an early age and during my teens I was known to hand draw wedding cards. Trough the years my creative adventure has taking me on paths that made me forget,  or rather ignore my skills in drawing. The past years I have become a fan of Jeanne Oliver and her style and effortless way of crafting. One ingredient in her art is hand painted figures – ladies, dogs or flowers. I figured out that this could not be unachieveable to create myself. So the other day I gathered some of my favorite paints from Tattered Angels together with a blank journal and a piece of canvas and sat down to see where the creative path would take me. Today I´m here to show how I ended up making a Painted Journal Cover.


Step 1


“I decided to use the blank canvas sheet as a cover for the small blank journal. As the canvas piece was bigger than the journal I folded it in half. I needed something to attach the jounal to the cover, and instead of gluing it I decided to tie it to the cover with a piece of cord. I punched out holes and then applied eyelets for a safe & durable hole.”



step 2


“I used a soft pencil to draw the outline of my lady on the canvas. Before that I had placed a folded magazine under the canvas – I find it easier to sketch on a soft base and the magazine also take up excess paint that might sip trough the canvas. When happy with my drawing I painted inside the lines with White Tattered Angels High Impact Paint.”



step 3


“After applying the white paint I started blues in different shades to add interest and a imagination of shadows. By adding different amounts of water to the brush before dipping it into the paint, the way the canvas “takes up” the paint differs. That way the colors blend well.”



step 4


“I used both blues, yellows and pinks to the the right feeling. After filling in the outlines with a fine marker I also added paint round the actual drawing.”



finished project


“I added paint to the edges of the journal to keep it from ripping up. And after drying it throughout with a heater I added a black line round the edges with a wider marker. I love how this project turned out, and think I found the love for drawing again. I will not wait 20 years until next time, I´m sure of that.”


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