DIY Birthday Party Masks and Party Decor Ideas

Looking for a fun idea you can do yourself for your next birthday party, wedding, baby shower or family reunion…how about DIY party masks and a even a photo booth.  You can create props, masks and accessories in all shapes and themes to match your event when you make them yourself.  It is fun to see the big glasses, hats and glasses. Today on the blog, crew member Viktoriya Porechnaya shows us how to make a very fun version of your own.  If big glasses and mustaches are not your thing, make some to match your theme – maybe Mickie and Minnie ears for a Disney themed party, pirate attire for a Pirate themed shin-dig or maybe dog and cat accessories for a doggie birthday…ok so you get the picture there are so many options.   
Birthday Party Accessories and Signs
My daughter had her 18th Birthday this month, so I decided to create some funny props and banner for your party. It’s easy and did not take much time!
paper supplies - wholesale
Materials Used:
Tools Used:  Printer, Scissors
Let’s get started…. here is what we are going to make on the blog today, but you can let your imagination run wild.  If you have a die cut machine you can also look for art that can be scaled up to make life size versions of different shapes for the masks too.

DIY party masks and signs

Start by locating templates online for art you would like to turn into masks or draw your own – here are some ideas of icons to search for = mustaches, lips, fun glasses, stars, hearts, crowns, hats, ears, pig tails.  Once you find the art, print it out to scale – you might need to increase the size of the art to be larger, the goal is to create art that fits just inside an 8.5×11 paper, which makes them a bit oversized, but they should fit most adults.  If you are making masks for tiny ones, you can decide how big to make them.
lips artwork
Cut out the artwork and use them as templates to make your masks and props.  Keep in mind if you are making glasses you need to cut out the centers. You can use the template or find an object like a round lid to make the inside circles and they will be very round and look great.
red and white dot paper
Trace the art onto printed cardstock and cut out with as many different prints as you have.
party masks
Add sticks to the masks so they are easy to hold, just choose one side to add the sticks.   To mix it up a bit, how about some fun sayings like “where is my cake?”  “Woo Hoo!!” ” I Am The Best”  “Birthday Girl”  “Birthday Boy”  “It’s My Day” “Don’t Make Me Blow Out These Candles”  “Did Someone Say Cake?”  “You Are How Old?” “Today Is Your Birthday!!” “Make A Wish”
funny sayings
 Now, that the party favors are done, let’s do a little decorating.  This simple and fun 18th Birthday Party Banner is the perfect background for photos and also a great way to decorate a mantel, an entrance or the backyard.
18th birthday party ideas
You can make them as long as you wish and with as many banner pieces as you like.  Simply cut out a triangle shape template to the right size and cut them from many different papers.  Trace, print off or use a die cut machine to make the 1 and the 8 and any other icons for the banner.  Simply string the cord and add with clothespins.
I am the best
Take a shot of the birthday girl and then let the fun begin.
birthday party ideas
To see more of Viktoriya’s work, visit her blog  and follow her on Instagram.   If you plan a party of your own with party decor, we would love to see what you do – #canvascorp #canvascorpbrands and we will see what you are up to.
Happy Creating and Happy Birthday!!!


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