Embroidered and Painted Nautical Theme Pillow Cover

Charity here from Scrappin’ Chaos with my hand-embellished nautical pillows. This painted and embroidered lounge accessory boasts anchor printed canvas in the shape of an H. Each letter is illustrated with a sea side image. Pillow covers transform a space with ease and take up very little storage space when the season changes.
Tools Needed
WE R Memory Keepers Mini Alphabet Punchboard
Crafters Companion Circle Cutting Dies
Sewing Machine
Straight Pins
 Supplies Used:
Prism Embroidery Thread
 Step 1:Cut and stitch Printed Canvas Sheet to form the H.
Cut two strips of canvas at 9.5″ x 3″ and one strip at 2.5″ x 3″.
 On the back of each canvas strip draw lines 1″ from the edge.
Iron edges of the strip toward the back so that the edge touches the drawn line.
Stitch each edge down.
Here Tetsu inspects my lines for errors. Remove cat as needed.
 Step 2:Position letters on pillow cover and trace around O, M, and E.
My letters are cut from a 3″ square of cardstock with the help of a Mini Alphabet Punchboard and circle cutting dies.
 Step 3: Outline each letter with a chain stitch.
a: Insert the needle through the back of the fabric to the front, then reinsert the needle near the same space.
b: Insert the needle through the back of the fabric a short distance from the first stitch. Wrap the thread around the needle as shown.
c: Pull the needle through to form a loop with a tail.
d:Re-insert the needle through the front of the fabric, near the same space the tail exited.
e: Repeat steps b through d.
I chose a chain stitch to outline the letters because it conforms easily to rounded shapes.
 Step 4: Place a piece of cardstock in the pillow cover.
 This will keep the paint from bleeding through to the back side.
 Step 5: Paint sea inspired images in each letter.
I painted a sand dollar in the O, a trio of fishtails in the M, and a lighthouse scene in the E.
 Step 6: Stitch canvas strips to the pillow cover to form an H.
Pin the canvas strips to pillow cover.
Stitch around the outside edge with a running stitch using thread that matches the anchors.
Weave contrasting thread through each stitch to complete the outline.
I positioned the small letters in the center of the pillow because of the curve. If I had placed them near the base of the H they would have been less noticeable. As you can see, I did not get them exactly in line with the crossbar of the H. Little idiosyncrasies are what make each project unique.
I’m still stuck on the mermaid theme for my front porch. I decided to go with elements of mermaid tradition rather than a full finned lady for this pillow cover. The cats, it seems were NOT impressed. Not one of my furry faced companions was interested in my final photography project. Whether it was caused by too low a salary offer or the 100 degree temperatures I’ll never know!
Instructions for completing the pillow in the back are posted with the title:
Mermaid Pillow With a Treasure Pocket
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Scrap On!

~Charity Hotrum~


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