Shadow box - Free heart

Free Heart Mixed Media Shadow Box with Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins

Kyriakos, one of the Canvas Corp Crew Members, explores a different way to use the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins papers in a dimensional work of art.  The photograph actually captures some of the shimmer and shine that it sometimes cannot.  When painted and cut the Mixed Media Origins papers truly turns into embellishments that together make a stunning presentation.  

Shadow box - Free heart

When I first saw the new Mix Media Origins papers from Tattered angels, I knew I had to try them. Starting with one that I thought would be very versatile to me, since it works as an amazing background in layouts as it does on its own, I cut out parts of it.  I could combine the pieces with other papers or use the wings alone because they fit with various scrapbooking and mix media projects.

However, I wasn’t able to divide the beauty of this paper into pieces, at least not during the first use.

The main concept behind my project comes from the desire to create a piece of art that will catch the eye on the page’s theme: the wings. I wanted to take advantage of the colouring possibilities that the quality of the paper provides, while not loosing the greyscale shades of the paper design. Leaving a portion of grayscale is like the effect made by torn pages from an old book.

A shadow box was the perfect way to do what I wanted because I could create depth, protect the finished pages and of course, make it easy to hang on a wall.

23230 - Grace

Materials used:

Tools used: Craft knife, hot glue gun, glue, pliers

You can download a heart pattern here. Print the pattern in an A4 size page to match the dimension used in the project.

Step 1:  The Gold Wings – I suggest that you first mist the wings, otherwise you will have to work only with a brush and will not be able to spray them directly. The first color I used to cover the wings is the Spicy Mustard. It is used as a base color, but also mixed later with the other paints. Add details with a sponge damber and use removed area of the paper as a stencil of the wings. On the background paper darken the area around where the wings were cut out by dabbing with a sponge. The wings were then sprayed with the Pearl Glimmer mist.  When the paints dry, cut the wings again to add one more layer of wings.

Shadow box - Free heart - step

Step 2: Use the pattern of the wings to cut a second set from a printed paper like the Canvas Corp Damask Paper.  It is cardstock and will hold up well with the painted wings.  They will sit behind the gold wings.

Shadow box - Free heart 1

Step 3: The Heart – The heart can be cut from a piece of the Mixed Media Origins paper, chipboard or cardstock.  This one is covered with a mix of colours using both spraying and brushing techniques with the paints.  When using a brush or misting, shake side to side to make sure all the glimmer is mixed up well. The mist is more likely to clog if the particles that sit at the bottom are not loosened by shaking the bottle.

Shadow box - Free heart 2

Step 4:  Layer all the pieces together – you can put pieces of board or foam to help make the wings and the centerpiece stand out and appear to fly.  Add pieces of burlap, wire stitches, charms, etc.  It is best to glue them together with a hot glue gun or fast drying wet media glue.  The winged art is then placed onto the background of the Grace paper which is a great contrast to the painted wings.  The paper is beautiful in itself.

Shadow box - Free heart - step

Step 5: With gold cording “sew” the wings into place on the paper.  Make large stitches to make it look as if they are holding the wings in place.  Add small details like the crown, twists of metal wire and chipboard words or wooden letters.

Shadow box - Free heart

When you have the wings and heart ready, first glue the background papers. Then arrange and attach the cord; place the wings afterwards. You can add embellishments of your choice such as metallic items and rhinestones.  Add a frame and you have the perfect piece of art for you wall, for a friend who might need a boost or for your office to remind you to be creative all the time.

Creating art your way and in your own style can feel intimidating when you start with a white piece paper, but Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins jump start your creativity. Apply your favorite techniques, add embellishments and fun little details.  the end result is STUNNING.

For more of Kyriako’s work stop by The Crafts World Blog.

Happy Creating!!!


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