How To Created Mixed Media Paintings with Faces

The explosion of the Mixed Media craze has inspired so many to explore so many different creative areas and with this no rules category of art, why not try different things to see what you enjoy the most.  So many creative styles require perfection, but we love the styles that let you be you, try different things and not worry so much about making a perfect replica, but rather create something unique.  Ilana shares with us her exploration into the world of faces with a mixed media twist.  Faces in the fine art world can be very scary and in some cases almost impossible to make perfect, well mixed media art and its no rules philosophy you can create faces your way, in your style and there is no wrong, we love that!!!

Ilana Painted Faces 1

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you different versions of my mixed media faces. When you give yourself the opportunity to think about creative projects, techniques and, most of all, you start paying attention in the beauty in all its manifestations, you are able to experiment different ways to express your visions. I believe scrapbooking and paper crafting can be a way to express your creativity and can also “open the doors” to other forms of art.

I started my scrapbook journey in 2004 and since then I tried to learn a lot of techniques and most of all, I tried to understand what I like to do, it was an amazing adventure. I am still learning a lot about scrapbooking, but now I feel more comfortable trying other expressions of creativity, such as painting and collage. Creating my art journal was a huge help to allow me to make mistakes and learn from it. Now I am painting, drawing and making collages. I use all kind of materials and techniques to build my mixed media little paintings.

Ilana Painted Faces III

To create these faces I start by creating the background. I select different types of paper such as origami paper, left over paper from scrapbook projects, packing paper, previously painted paper, etc. I tear them, cut images and glue them without thinking a lot, just trying to create a harmonic look. If necessary I give them a thin layer of gel medium and after that I use a palette knife to apply gesso here and there. Then I sketch the face, using my black oil pastel. I also use oil pastel to add color to the face. Watercolors, acrylic paints and Glimmer Mists were also used to do that. When necessary I apply black oil pastel again to highlight the contour of the face.

Ilana Painted Faces II

I used Marmalade, Sapphire, Tattered Leather, Sun Sisters and Dijon Glimmer Mists and I was very happy with the effect of Espresso Bean Glimmer Glam, the transparency of it is amazing. Other products used in these paintings are a set of stamps (Papillon) from Tim Holtz, white gesso and Gel Medium from Golden. The tools I like to use are brushes, a palette knife or an old credit card and stencils.  The other thing I used in the paintings was a tool I made by myself using a fruit pack.

Ilana Painted Faces IV

You can make the faces look like people by highlighting details such as eye and hair color even if the painting does not look exactly like the person, they will know it is them.  I used this Espresso Bean Glimmer Glam to create the hair of some of the girls had I painted. The color and the transparency of this paint is perfect for it.

I hope you like this material and you give yourself the chance to draw, paint and create different projects to decorate your house, give as presents and sell them. Why not?

Canvas Corp offers a wide range of Stretched Canvases that do not have gesso on them, so you begin with a natural canvas surface that you can add gesso if necessary, but it makes creating your mixed media background so easy as just about any medium will adhere to the surface.  They are available in a very large variety of sizes and also in burlap and denim.  

Tattered Angels paints are terrific for mixed medium art such as Ilana’s faces.  Each of the paints offers a different look and feel and they all work together with the other paints and mediums in your craft stash.

The mists (Glimmer Mist, Simply Sheer Mist, Baseboard Mist and Chalkboard Mists) offer a fine, sheer mist with or without glimmer that add a touch of color and shimmer.  They can be misted or painted on with a brush.

High Impact Paint – is like an acrylic paint, but we think it is oh so much better, this high pigment paint is very thick and great to work with on just about any surface including burlap, smooth surfaces, rough surfaces, etc.  

Glimmer Glam – This is a very unique paint that is perfect for mixed media when a touch of glitter and shine is something you would like in your design.  The glitter is part of the paint and dries in the paint, so it does not flake off.  

Glimmer Glaze – This is like nail polish for the mixed media market, it comes with a little brush and is packed with pigment and shimmer in the paint adding a slightly dimensional paint finish that also acts like a resist when misted on top.

Naturall Aged KitsThese are faux finish kits that include 4 different patins and easy to follow instructions and make terrific mixed media backgrounds for your faces or any artwork.

We love how well these paints work together and how well they work with other products to create works of art. 

To see more of Ilana’s work follow her blog – Fragmentosaosol and follow her on Instagram.

Happy Creating!!!


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  1. May 5, 2016 @ 8:25 pm Barb Housner

    I guess I need to draw or attempt to draw some faces. Very nice post and beautiful faces. Thanks for sharing


  2. May 7, 2016 @ 1:38 pm eleusa

    dear Ilana

    I am amazed with your work. the “dolls” are great.
    the explanation of the technique is clear and encouraged me to take my chances. Grateful for sharing your work, Eleusa Mizrahy


    • May 7, 2016 @ 1:42 pm eleusa

      dear Ilana

      I am amazed with your work. the “dolls” are great.
      the explanation of the technique is clear and encouraged me to take my chances. Grateful for sharing your work, Eleusa Mizrahy



  3. May 9, 2016 @ 5:05 pm Kathy Burgess

    Thank for such an informative article!!


    • May 9, 2016 @ 5:17 pm ccbrands

      You are very welcome. It is great when the projects are broken down into simple steps, makes even faces easier to tackle!!


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