How to Make Halloween Treat Bags

Looking for an afternoon project for this weekend. How about Halloween treat bags.  They are simple and so fun to make.  We love that our products can be used in so many great ways from party decor and gift wrap to Halloween treats and paper chargers.  Whatever your craft is, Canvas Corp Brands has the supplies for you. Crew Member, Linda Skotheim shows us a fun way to turn Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins paper into something totally Halloween.  The actual papers are everyday designs, but when transformed with Tattered Angels Paints who would know.   


I wanted to make Halloween treat bags for my students and since I had to make almost 90, it needed to be something quick and easy – the Tattered Angels Origins Paper and Pure Mistable Papers were just perfect for the job.
Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Papers = two sided printed designs on a cloth like paper that is very strong, stands up to mediums and water.  You can glue, sew and work with this paper in many different ways.  There are 24 total designs with amazing detail.  Color the entire sheet one color or whip our your Copics, Glimmer Mist, Color Burst, Watercolor paints or favorite paints and add color your way.
Tattered Angels Pure Mistable Papers = a collection of white or slightly off white papers with the most amazing textures, finishes and properties.  Each one reacts totally different when mists and other water-media paints are added.  Some let them soak in, others let them sit on top so you can move the media around and others bring out the mica.  You just don’t know until you give them a try.
Materials Used:
Tattered Angels Origins Papers
Tattered Angels Pure Mistable Papers
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist
Words from Tim Holtz
Tools Used:  Glue gun, Staples
Grab your favorite Glimmer Mist colors for Fall and Halloween – love to see some of the original packing Linda, how cool is that.  
Step 1 – Lay out the Mistable Papers and mist away… so fun and all your stress just goes away.  I used a variety of Halloween colors to stick with the holiday’s theme.  Some of the papers may curl a bit when misted, use the bottles to hold down the corners until dry.  You can let them air-dry or use a heat gun, both will work well, but the end results are a bit different, try them both and see which one you like better.
Step 2 – Do the same with the Origins Papers.  The Mist allows the images to show through whit the sheer color beautifully.  The Deeper colors automatically make the paper feel like a Halloween or Fall paper, how cool is that.  You can mist randomly, mist in stripes, create an ombre, try some different layers and see what you like best.
Step 3 – Cut the paper into 4″ x 6″ pieces and make a tube… close one end by sewing or gluing (if you use glue hold them in place with a clothespin or paper clip until dry, add candy, and then close the other end – you can glue them closed or clip the with a clothespins.
Step 4 – After that, add embellishments, words or nothing else… they are amazing all by themselves.  This is a great way to use Halloween Stamps, embellishments, left over alpha stickers.  Boo, Treats, Haunting, Trick, Spooky, Scary are just a few words that would be so perfect.
Toss them into a bowl or basket and take them to school like Linda did, give them away Halloween night or put them onto the Halloween treat bar as a little treat surprise.  Make it fun and slip in a little note, wish or fortune for the Trick or Treater to read their surprise.  
folded paper treat bags
So grab your paints, paper, blue and some treats and be the hit of the part with these sweet treats.
For more creative projects from Linda, follow her blog – Paper Fun Creating.
Happy Halloween Weekend.


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