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Scrapbooks and journals used to be quite neat and tidy, the photos, stickers, matting and embellishments lined up a bit at attention back in the day, but today just about anything goes and just about anything work.  Junk Journals don’t line up, have different size every-things, come in different shapes and sizes and are truly inspiring.  Junk Journals can start with an actual journal or they can start with a stack of goodies and be bound together.  The word junk or junque (7gypsies style) can mean a few things, actual old, found stuff, items that normally might go in the garbage or random items that don’t seem to actually go together, but they look amazing when they are together.  We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite journals from the Crew and inspire you to think about making one of your own or trying some new techniques on your next journal.  


Let’s start with Shannon Green who not only inspires, but she makes us laugh out loud.  Her Youtube channel is filled with fun journals, mixed media art, how tos and creative stuff.   Shannon was inspired to create this journal of envelopes from a fellow creative, but she decided rather than brand new envelopes, she would go to the junk mail pile and use them and the results are so fun, take a look at her video to see some of the details.  You can you brand new envelopes, envelopes with postage stamps and postmaster markings or a combinations.  What a great way to make pages for your journal, pockets and repurpose at the same time.  

Shannon Junk Envelope Journal

Erin Reed created a book of layers with bags, paper, scraps of fabric, stickers, ephemera, ribbon, paper clips and more.  The size of the book is really determined by the pieces and parts you put together.  You can make them the actual pages or you can add the pieces to a larger book.  We love this folded over junk journal with all the details and color.  So many places to craft and journal here and there, so this book might be filled, but when you make yours you can start with blanks and decorate it when you need a little art journal time.

Inspire Art Junk Journal

Inspiration Junk Journal Art
Punch holes with a simple hole punch and string with cord, ribbon or rings which makes your book flexible and you can add to it and make it as thick and full as you would like.

Recollections Junk Journal Project

Erin created a series of YouTube videos to show you all the details and her blog is filled with more details and links to the videos – Scraps of Reflections.

If you are not planning to start a journal from scratch, why not start with a base journal and junk it up yourself.  Now when we say junk the idea of unwanted, garbage might come to mind, but that is so far from what junk can really mean and Marie Nicole shows us how a junk journal can be pretty enough for a wedding journal.

Wedding Mixed Media Junk Journal

Recollections Mixed Media Journal

Marie fills the pages of this Recollections Mixed Media Book from Michaels with pretty color, lace, tissue, dates, times and special wedding details.  The pages are distressed, the color is not perfect, the embellishments are torn, but when you bring them all together, wow it is spectacular.  

wedding junk journal

Marie created a Youtube video that walks you though the beautiful project – Wedding Mixed Media Junk Journal

Marie shows us how to make a book cover with with amazing junk.  Many junk journals are filled, but there is a need for a front cover inspiration and Marie’s video will help your explore some great ideas.    

Mixed Media Priceless Junk Journal

What exactly defines junk?  Something old, something new, something unwanted, something borrowed or something cool?  We think anything can be considered junk as we think that is a pretty cool word and a pretty cool category of goodies.  Lena proves this so well with this amazing junk book journal that has a DIY leather cover, yes from an old jacket.  Lena walks you though the details on her blog Bruksflicken.  

Family Heirloom Junk Book Journal

kirja osa 11Here is a sneak peek inside this journal created from an old book, we love how she used the book pages!!

kirja osa 1

Lena created this junk book journal for the Canvas Corp Brands May Challenge – “Family” – Each project follows the color story and the theme family – take a look at the other amazing projects and all the info to enter a project to win.  

kirja osa 17 ccb

Sometimes when you have so many pages inside a book and then you add more the book becomes “too big,” so we love this cover idea of ripping, tearing and making the pages into pockets for of course very, special junk.  Photos, family stories, family tree cards and other parts of the new Canvas Corp Heirloom Collection – what a fun way to chronicle your family and keep it all together in a vintage junk journal book.  

kirja osa 7

Another great junk journal base is an old journal or book or even a child’s book board as Shannon shows us.  She gessoed a book board with white and then let the creativity begin.

Great places to find decor for your junk journal would be magazines, product packages, junk mail, scraps from your scrapbooking stash, left over stamped items, old book pages, vintage post cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, wrapping paper, old paper bags, shoe boxes, clothing tags, etc.  

One more fun idea from Shannon

Junk Journal, but not, kinda of an Art Journal, maybe a Smash Book but really not – so she called it a Use It Up Journal

Journaling can be started, created and done so many different ways.  There are no rules, but there is always room for inspiration and new ideas that let you use your junk your way.  

If you are looking for a place to start your next junk journal, try the 7gypsies collection of paper journals that are simple heavy duty paper that can be used to create many of the great techniques you have just seen.


7gypsies Starter Journals and Covers

They are available in 3 sizes and in both kraft and ivory paper.  You will also find a wide range of book covers, journal pages and other book and junk journal supplies from Canvas Corp Brands.

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Happy Creating!!!


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