Misting Your World: Winter’s Day

We are ready to kick the new year off with projects that we hope will inspire you and with how tos that help make the creative process a bit easier.  It is time for you to explore your crafty side with amazing results.  We are excited to have Suzanne Czosek on the Crew this year and we are ready to share her first project titled, Misting Your World.  This beautiful winter scene captures the essence of this time of the year and reminds us that there is beauty in every season.  
This mixed media art piece comes together with a few simple techniques that Suzanne shares with us.  When you break it down into steps, the process is so much easier.  So no fear if you are just starting the mixed media journey, enjoy the ride.
Take inspiration from the outside and create a series of projects by misting the colors of your world into backgrounds which can create a journal page, card or a piece of art to hang in the house.
Materials Used:
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists – Black Magic, It’s Brown, Mountain Mist, True Turquoise, Silver Sugar, Tattered Leather
STAEDTLER – Karat Aquarelle Watercolor Pencil
White Acrylic Paint
Brown Paper Bag
Mixed Media Paper
Velum Paper
Memory Box -Birch Trio Die Cut
Artistic Outpost – Midwinter
Verses Rubber Stamps -QQ0854-E The Woods
StazOn Ink – Jet Black
Tools Used:  Paint Brush; Die Cutting Machine; Distressing Tool; Aqua Brush
Misting Hints:
SHAKING YOU MIST – when using Tattered Angels Mists you want to always shake side to side and never up and down so the mica stays mixed in the mist and not clogged in the mister.  If you do find the mister is clogged, wash with hot water and try again.  We suggest a shake before each mist to get a range of mica in the mist color.  
MISTING TECHNIQUES – well there is not actually a proper way to mist, but there are some techniques you might want to practice a bit.  
– To get complete coverage –  you will want to “commit to the mist,” which simply means push the pump all the way down in one step to get the most mist at one time.  This will give you an even coverage.
– To get assorted color, spots and dots – pump short quick pumps and let some of the darker spots dry on their own
– To add just a few dots –  remove the mister and add droplets with the tube of the mister
– To watercolor  – shake, pour into a cup and apply with a brush leaving the paint to puddle in some areas for an amazing look
– To distress – pour a bit of the mist onto a mat and dip into the color with a paper towel or you can drag your item through the mist depending on the look you are going for.  Choose a mist with our without mica depending on how distressed you are looking for.  
– To stencil – lay down your stencil (we suggest a little spray adhesive to hold it in place,) and then mist over the stencil area.  Mask of any areas you do not wanted misted.  Carefully list the stencil.  You can use the misted stencil as a mono print too and you won’t waste any mist.
– To stamp – depending on the detail in the stamp and the mist you choose you can get some pretty cool results
– Mediums – you can add mist to just about any medium to add color and mica.  The each react differently, so you will want to play around with the results.  
– Tint – if you are looking for a great way to tint wood, ribbon, silk, fabric and other absorbent materials, mists are a great option.  They are not designed to dye the cloth, but you can tint items you do not intend to wash, stain raw woods, cork and other porous surfaces.
Now onto this great project….

Step 1:  Spray light blue mist onto top 1/6 of the paper. Spray next shade of blue on an angle below light blue mix. Dab excess mist off top portion of paper with paper towels.

Step 2:  Spray gray mist on angle below blue mist. Keep the mist on an angle to get spray marks blended into the blue and a solid section of gray.
Step 3:  Spray the lighter brown below the gray section. Keep the angle to add spray and hold the paper upright to get the excess to drip down the paper. Dab off any excess as desired.
Step 4:  Spray on the darker brown mist on an angle below the lighter brown to give the specks of color mixed into the lighter brown. Tilt paper to cause spray to drip down or up as desired.
Step 5:  Spray along the bottom the black mist and tilt to drip into the brown.  Let Dry.
Step 6:  Decide how you want to divide up your background or paint on the background. Sketch outline of tree onto mist background with pencil. Paint with paints over sketched image to create tree.  You can also use a stencil or make a die cut tree and trace it if drawing one scares you a bit.
Step 7:  Stamp sentiment using black water resistant ink. Stamp grass and flowers using black ink. Using a black watercolor pencil add shading along the ground. Soften with a waterbrush or a paint brush and water.
Try out the same technique to create a hand-painted card:
Step 1: To create a card, follow the same steps but on a smaller size.  Let dry.
Step 2:  Die Cut the birch trees from white cardstock. Spray with a mix of black and brown mists. Glue trees to cardfront. Highlight with white gel pen. Mix white acrylic paint and water and splatter to create snow effect over background.  You can also use Tattered Angels High Impact White or White Metallic paint for a great snow affect.
Step 3:   Stamp sentiment on vellum using StazOn Ink. Tear and attach.
One set of steps, two great projects.  Practice the master of layering the colors and playing with how the mists react with each other, how they run when you want them to, how the glimmer shows up in certain places, what happens when you let it air dry and what happens when you apply a heat gun.  There are so many different ways to play with mist paints, just give it a try and have so much fun.  There is no right or wrong!!!!  Just Fun!!!
To see more of Suzanne’s work stop by her blog and have a look – Suzz Stamping Spot


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  1. January 11, 2016 @ 1:56 pm Barb Housner

    great instructions for how to create the background with sprays – she always does such beautiful work – thanks for sharing


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