October Challenge Reminder

We love seeing the submissions for our challenges.  To us you are all winners!  The creative ideas you come up with inspire us everyday.  This month we are creating masquerade masks!  Here is a link with some shapes and sizes of traditional masks that might inspire your design – Masquerade Masks.  Your mask can be any shape, size and design and does not have to be able to be worn, but it must have holes for the eyes and conceal the face a little or a lot to be considered for this challenge.

The challenge runs until November 5 so there is plenty of time to make a project and link up to the linkytool in the original post. You can learn all about the challenge, the guidelines, AND the fabulous prize right here! Why not enter to win this fab prize pack?


And now to a beautiful Masquerade Mask by team member Lynne Erskine Forsythe. Lynne says: I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OCTOBER already….

where has this year gone?? 

Anyways…..I decided to play along with Canvas Corp Brands October Challenge!


First, I went to Pinterest for inspiration….. I searched Masquerade Mask….. what showed up…..was AWESOME! Now, that I was TOTALLY INSPIRED I set our to find a mask base at my local party store!

I painted the whole mask with gesso, when dry I applied a layer of Multi Medium Matte with my fan brush and applied a sheet of Tissue Stock ~ French Script on Ivory I squinched it up a bit as I was laying it down.

….when dry I cut the Tissuestock to fit the mask.
Then, I applied a bit of Crackle Paste with my fan brush. Sadly, I was not patient enough and heated the crackle paste….causing it not to crack!

ALL GOOD. I had applied it thick enough to still have dimension. When dry, I painted on a layer of Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Camel.

Next, I picked out a bit of vintage applique and adhered it to a piece of CCB Kraft Cardstock for strength. When dry, I cut out the applique and then painted it with Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Camel.
Lastly, I painted a few flowers with combinations of Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam; ChandelierTimes Square & Tide Pool.

The top of the mask is vintage lace that has been painted with Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Camel. I just LOVE how it stiffens the fabric.

I added vintage chain parts, a bit of vintage textile and a few charms.
Yes, that is wire Mesh you are seeing along with a bit of twisted wire. I added a few vintage buttons along with 7 gypsies ~ Charms ~ Harmony Wedding. I painted the heart with a bit of Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Tide Pool.

 I accented the opposite side with a vintage button and another 7gypsies Charm ~ Made also painted with Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Tide Pool.

I liked the look of the  Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Tide Pool so much I painted a piece of vintage lace and randomly applied it all over the mask.

Here is my mask in use…. (my grandson thought it was pretty cool)

I attached my finished mask to a dowel as it was too heavy for the elastic cord. I hope I have inspired you to play along with this month



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  1. October 19, 2016 @ 10:30 am Peggy Lee Baker

    Love Love your mask, great tutorial, thanks for sharing!


  2. October 19, 2016 @ 1:18 pm jean marmo

    Such amazing details!


  3. October 25, 2016 @ 10:30 am Linda Israel

    Love the mask. Love all of the little details. Love the keys! Great job!


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