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The Crew is exploring a fun side of Halloween this year with masquerade masks that come in all shapes and sizes.  Maybe they are for a Halloween Ball, maybe for a costume party or for your Halloween decor.  No matter what they are for, they are just so fun to make.  You can make them to wear or just for looks, which gives you creative leverage to design them anyway you wish.  Halloween is about orange and black, but masks can be made in any color and can coordinate with a costume or they are the focal point of the outfit.  We would love to see your masks, so this month our challenge is all about masks and we cannot wait to see what you create.  If you do not celebrate Halloween, this challenge is all the more exciting, from the masquerade balls held all over the world, to steampunk attire or even a themed costume party.  


Lets play dress up! Every now and then it is fun to have a bit of decadency or luxury. Using a mask to conceal your personality and making it intriguing and mysterious has been a tradition since the 12th Century. Not only where they used as a disguise, they where used to practice the freedom of speech.  You might not make yours to conceal, but every time you take a look at your mask it is a great reminder that you can slip it on and be free.  

Bring out the golds and glitters. Bring out the flair and romance. Or bring out the spooky person inside you. This month we are creating masquerade masks!  Here is a link with some shapes and sizes of traditional masks that might inspire your design – Masquerade Masks.  Your mask can be any shape, size and design and does not have to be able to be worn, but it must have holes for the eyes and conceal the face a little or a lot to be considered for this challenge.  Here are all the details.

Challenge Guidelines:

Type of project: Create, decorate, sew or paint  a Masquerade/Halloween mask – release your imagination and be creative! You can design and make the mask from scratch or you can decorate a pre-bought mask.

Colors: Use any colors that appeal to you

Last day to enter: November 5

Canvas Corp Brands Products: we would love for you to use products from any of our brands – Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp or 7gypsies, but not required to enter to win.  If you use any of our products – be sure to mention them when you write about your project. #7gypsies #tatteredangels #canvascorp.

Social Media – If you are posting the project on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, please tag us so we can like your project and give you a shout out.  Please also join us in our new Facebook Group – The Canvas Corp Brands Collective – where we would love to see your submission and you can see what everyone else is up to.  Just jump over to Facebook and ask to join today.

Sharing – If you know anyone who would love to be a part of this challenge, please help us by sharing this blog post or any of the posts you see on our social media.

How to Enter – If would like to enter but have never entered a creative contest before or have not entered one with CCB, it is so easy.  Just create your project, take photos and post it on your Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Once you post you can link to this blog post so we can see your project or you can submit it by emailing us the link to your project.  We know this can be a bit confusing, no worries we are here to help and if you don’t have a blog, no worries, post on your favorite social media site or send us an email and you will be eligible to win.  See below for more details on how to link up your post.  All submissions must have #ccbmaskchallenge somewhere to be considered.

Prize – we will pick one winner from all the entries to win this amazing set of glam and glitter goodies – papers that look and feel like a cool vintage mask, but can be transformed into your favorite craft.  Prize from Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp and 7gypsies and we even threw in a few pieces of our favorite ribbons that we found during one of our journeys.


The Canvas Corp Brands Crew made these samples using Canvas Corp Brands products. If you are not familiar with the Crew, it is made up of designers, artists, painters, crafters, paper crafters and creative DIY’ers that come together to show off fun and clever ways to use Canvas Corp Brands Products, share what is new and come together as a community.  October is the month where we spread the word we will be accepting applications to join the 2017 Crew.  If you have been thinking about applying or have not heard of the crew before, keep an eye out for the applications to be released and apply to be part of one of the most dynamic, creative, positive, inspiring, world-wide design team in the market.  If you have any questions about the Crew or the October Challenge email us today at

Not sure where to begin but would love to join, here are some amazing project and also be sure to keep an eye on the blog and our social media sites through November – some of the samples down below will turn up as single posts showing how they where made by the team member.

  A Patina Mask is truly stunning with so much detail.  A great way to use different design and textures and tie them all together by finishing the entire mask in one finish or color.

Mask by Connie Hall


 Shades of pink come together to create this fabulous ombre mask that is loaded with all that glitters and the layers of lace and ribbon to create the ties is so clever.  So gather feathers, stones, jewels, gems and more and glitz up your mask.

Mask by Dana Sanchez

Show off your mixed media skills on your mask with textured mediums, layers of color, faux finishes and terrific details.  Decoupage or cover your mask with unique textures and then add all the color you want.

Mask by Mandy Leever-Koel


This Batman styled mask is all about the shine and glimmer and is the perfect way to conceal one’s identity.  Let your true color palette show by picking colors and trims that are the real you.

Mask by Viktoriya Porechnaya 


Your mask may be glittery and gold, funky and fun or all kinds of steampunk like this fun mask Dana Sanchez created for your son for his birthday.  To see all the details – check out the full blog here – Steampunk Mask

steampunk masquerade mask

For more great masks, techniques and contests stay tuned to Facebook, the Blog, Instagram…We are in love with these masks and cannot wait to see you you come up with!!!

To enter this challenge you need to link up your entry (link to the actual project – note the whole blog) by using the linkytool below or post on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and leave the link below in comments and you will be eligible to win this amazing prize. You have until the end of November 5 to submit your project!

Again we ask you to help us spread the word, welcome questions and we want to make this our biggest contest yet, so please help us make that happen.

To see our online shop for supplies to make your mask or maybe upcoming Halloween or Christmas crafts just click over and have fun browsing through all the fun craft supplies – Canvas Corp Brands Shop – Shipping in the USA is free for orders over $5 and we ship world-wide and help to offset the total international shipping costs.

Link up your project here or leave a comment below with your link!


Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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