Watercolor ideas with Tattered Angels Mists

Liquid watercolors are hot right now, and Tattered Angels has a full collection of beautiful watercolor paints with and without glimmer.  The results are stunning when you shake, pour and brush on Glimmer Mist and Simply Sheer Paints.  The other mists Chalkboard and Baseboard work well too, but they are more opaque and the look is a bit different.  
Watercolor ideas with Tattered Angels Mists:
1. Watercolor and Stencil – this simple technique let’s you start with a blank canvas or paper, and you brush inside the stencil where you want, and with the colors you choose.  The layering looks amazing as the sheer color peeks through.  Once the watercolor background is complete, you can stamp or layer on top of it.  
water colour card
Crew Member, Jaine Drake shows us a great card made with the stencil technique:  I love stencils mainly for the gorgeous texture it gives me on a project, but for this card I really wanted something a bit more delicate, painterly, and above all flat.  I decided to use my mist sprays, but in a way where I had a lot more control over the color. The colors in the sprays are so vibrant and beautiful, and layer perfectly for a project like this. I went for a tropical color pallet to really brighten the end result.  The paper you choose will also determine how the mist watercolors onto the paper.  It is fun to test different papers and finishes to see how they turn our.
Tools Used: Stencil; Small paint brush; Masking tape
Step 1:  On the water color or water media paper – mask off the edges to create a nice tidy border.
water colour 1
Step 2: Shake the bottle side to side and spray the ink into a mixing pallet to be able to use them with a paintbrush. If it helps, mask down the stencil over the card.  With a fine paintbrush, pick up the ink and start painting through the stencil.
water colour 2
Step 3:  Move the stencil around and add other colors of ink. Dry each color in between switching colors, to keep the colors true. Once finished, add a few splatters with the brush.
water colour 3
Step 4:  Trim the card and mount onto Kraft card – then add a die cut sentiment.
water colour 4
2. Watercolor and Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins – starting with a pre-printed design paper is fun to color in with a liquid water color.  The sheer watercolor allows the shading, lines and art to show through and the end results are stunning.  The special paper used to print the Origins on is very unique, and is great when using water based inks.
mixed media paper origins
Materials Used:
Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Paper –
Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze – Sea Kelp, Island Spring & Desert Sun
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – HemlockDark Vintage Green, Jack Frost, Dijon & Sun Sisters
Beacon 3 in 1 Glue
Tools Used:  Scissors, Paper Cutter, Paint Brush
The Mixed Media Origins paper is printed with great layers, shading, textures and backgrounds that are so fun to color.  You can color them with one color or use a few different colors and paints and really have a good time.  The Glimmer Mist, Simply Sheer and Glimmer Glaze paints have a sheer finish to them that allows the art to peek through and look terrific under the color.
Step 1:  Shake up the Glimmer Glaze, if the mica is happy sitting at the bottom of the bottle, take a brush handle and stir it up a bit or drip in a bb and shake things up.  With the Desert Sun Glimmer Glaze brush, cover the shaded areas, this paint dries with a slight shine and acts like a nice resist while still allowing the shading details to show through.  (darker yellow areas).  You will do the same to the leaves with the Sea Kelp Glimmer Glaze and the Butterfly with the Island Spring Glimmer Glaze.  You can let them dry before watercoloring or start right way and blend them together a bit.
liquid watercolor tattered angels
Step 2:  Shake and pour your Sun Sisters Glimmer Mist into a small cup and with your brush dip into the paint and color in the rest of the rose with the liquid watercolor paint.  You can go over the yellow areas with no worries and pool some areas with more paint for extra shading.  You can also use a variety of yellows to give more depth to your rose and paint it more realistic.  Watercolor the leaves and greenery with Dark Vintage Green and the butterfly with Jack Frost Glimmer Mist.
adult coloring rose
Step 3: The icons are now all colored in, not it is time to tint the backgrounds, you can use the same colors, we added some water to tone them down a bit in some cases, which allows a nice contrast.  The background is washed with Hemlock Glimmer Mist and Dijon Glimmer Mist .  The diamonds are painted with the Dijon mist as well as the mortar on the side.  Adding water in some areas to soften the color.  Let the paper dry, it sill dry flat and be ready for you to create with it in a few hours or overnight or use a heat gun and speed up the process.
adult watercoloringAdult coloring and watercoloring is a lot of fun, but what do you do with the paper when it is done, flip the page and go to the next or set the paper onto the stack, well we decide to whip up some cards and fell in love with the results.
mixed media origins kraft cards
French Script Rose Card – fussy cut around the rose and glue onto 5″x7″ kraft and black French Script printed cardstock.  The rose looks as if it is jumping off the paper.  Simple and beautiful.
yellow mixed media paper rose
Rose Postcard Watercolor Card  – we cut a #10 card or 8″ wide x 9″ tall and folded to create this tall and skinny card that looks so great and fits into a standard #10 envelope.  Fussy cut the rest of the rose and layer onto the card.  You can alter the card, layer it and add more, but we love the simply beauty of the watercolor pieces onto the cardstock.  
watercolor yellow roseFrench Script Layered Butterfly Card – the watercolor butterfly is just beautiful.  Working with the Mixed Media Origins papers allows you to make the butterfly 3d, we only glued the butterfly body into place and folded up the wings allowing the butterfly to appear to fly.  The paper is sturdy and pliable so you can create more than if they were just cardstock or thin adult coloring papers.  Layer a touch of ticking fabric and part of the background paper what was left over after fussy cutting out the designs.  
butterfly kraft card french scriptWe kept every single scrap of paper left over, it was too beautiful to get rid of and we already know it will make it into our next mixed media projects.  All papers were glued with Beacon’s 3 in 1 Glue, the perfect choice for mixed media projects.  
Here are a few other fun ways to use your adult coloring and watercoloring techniques:
3.  Tattered Tangels Papers with Glimmer Mist (liquid watercolor) – this paper has a smooth, unique finish that allows the watercolors to float on the top and the glimmer show up in very beautiful and unique ways.  You can color in a bit or all of the paper and then turn them into cards, layouts, add them to mixed media projects, bookmarks, atc’s and more.  This is just one example of the Tattered Tangles Products – this Color Wheel Tattered Tangles Paper is fun to color and let’s you practice making all the colors of the color wheel and then your own colors.  There is also a new Swatch Card paper that is perfect for swatching your colors, keeping notes on custom colors and more.
watercolor color wheel
4. Canvas Corp Printed Cardstock Watercoloring – Canvas Corp offers a full selection of printed papers that are longing to be colored in.  The art is printed on 80# cardstock making it strong and suitable for a wide range of projects.  Color them in first or create and add touches of color when your done.  There are no rules, which makes it so fun.  
Canvas Corp Butterfly paper
Lynne turned her butterflies into embellishments for this awesome banner.  To see all the details, jump over to Lynne’s blog post – Spring Banner
springbannerSo if you have be bit by the adult coloring or watercolor bug or maybe both of them, we hope you are now inspired to not just stop when the coloring is done, create cards, banners, mixed media art and more.  
 Happy Crafting!!!


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