Color Me Different – Testing Different Mediums with Tattered Angels Paints

Tattered Angels Mists are not just for coloring backgrounds of papers or adding lots of mica to your projects, they are nice media tools that allow you to add color and design in the most fascinating ways.  The vibrant colors can be added to a wide range of mediums and the results are fun to watch.  They are semi-transuscent, so the take on a bit of the properties of the medium and wow you will be amazing.  Crew Member, Zinia Amoiridou walks us through the reps of trying different techniques with Tattered Angels Paints and the end result of her test is just stunning.
Glimmer Mist Paints Hearts
There are so many things you can do with your Tattered Angels Mists. The possibilities are endless, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. I decided to do an experiment and try coloring different types of media using Tattered Angels mists and see the different effects I would get.

Here is what I used:

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Mint Julep
Tattered Angels Simply Sheer – Peoney
Tattered Angels Simply Sheer – Aqua
Tattered Angels Simply Sheer – Teal
Tattered Angels Baseboard – Ivory
Tattered Angels Baseboard – Wave
Tattered Angels Baseboard – Gerber
Assorted Mediums:
White Gesso
Black Gesso
Modeling Paste
High Density Modeling Paste
Texture Paste
Gel Medium Matte
Gel Medium Gloss
White Acrylic Paint
Tools Used: Spatula; Paint brush; Wooden Craft Sticks; Stencils


Zinia Amoiridou created a Youtube video that walks you through the steps and the different tests she performed.  

Gesso and White Acrylic Paint
The two most obvious ideas were gesso and white acrylic paint. Both of them gave a pretty similar look. You end up with a lovely pastel version of the mist color you use and it’s a great way to turn your mists into a paint form. It’s especially useful if you use heavy gesso or acrylic paint because the mist will dilute it and give it a more runny consistency anyway.
glimmer mist and gesso
Coloring Gel Medium
One of my personal favorite techniques is to color gel medium. You ca paint over your projects and keep that translucent effect of the mist while working with a paint-like consistency. What’s best about it is that you can still keep the glimmer of your glimmer mists if you mix them with gloss gel.
tattered angels ideas
Coloring Black Gesso
Coloring black gesso is probably the most tricky of all. To achieve a visible result, make sure to add just a little bit of that black gesso. Also make sure to use one of the opaque tattered angels mists (Baseboard Mist or Chalkboard Mist), preferably in strong bright colors. You can give a lovely tint of color to your black gesso but keep in mind that your final mixture will be like a runny paint rather than gesso.
Coloring Modeling and Texture Paste
Lastly another fun thing you can try is to color your modeling/texture paste. I tried with three different types and they all got colored very beautifully. Again you should keep in mind that you are adding a wet medium to your paste so if you want to keep it in a thick consistency you should either use a really heavy paste or add just a little bit of mist (preferably bright and vibrant colors).
tattered angels hearts
Put it all together and create an amazing piece of art filled with so much color, dimension and texture.
Zinia encourage us to step outside the traditional uses for Tattered Angels Mists and try some new things.  Try mediums you have and see what exciting results you get.  Add a touch of color and then add more to get the desired results.  To see more of Zinia’s work visit her blog – Abstract Inspiration, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her Youtube Channel.
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Happy Creating!!!


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