Crew Challenge: Get Tangled

Simple doodles on our Mistable Paper ‘ Leather’ is what got this creative party started, we call it getting ‘Tangled.”  Our Tattered Tangle line expands as the art of the doodle becomes more and more popular.  This therapeutic craft is a great way to relax, unwind and let you creativity flow, however if the fear of the doodle is within you…Tattered Tangles is at your service.  The collection is filled with a variety of 12×12 Tattered Tangles Papers and Tangle Packs (12 different doodle pieces in a pack)- there are 8 styles to choose from.

TATTERED TANGLES PAPERS – 12×12 black & white art printed on our Leather Paper, which is available open stock and a perfect paper to create your own Tangles.

 thumbs_20857-tangled-paper-12x12-stripes1  thumbs_20888-tangled-paper-12x12-blocks1  thumbs_20895-tangled-paper-12x12-diamonds1  thumbs_20901-tangled-paper-12x12-chevron1
 thumbs_20864-tangled-paper-12x12-swirls1  thumbs_22370-tattered-tangles-12x12-little-stripes  thumbs_22387-tattered-tangles-12x12-wrapped-gifts  thumbs_20871-tangled-paper-12x12-quotes1

While we see lots of doodle art being done, we wanted to take it to the next level and share some amazing projects with you that incorporate the art, which can be used as is, looks amazing when color is applied and then can be cut up into pieces and parts to fit your creative style.

Planners are all the rage and this Tangled Planner Page created by Kasia Frezja is a great way to show off your Tangles.  Color them in to match the season, the holiday or just how you feel that week.


TATTERED TANGELS PACKS – 8 themed packs with an abundance of art choices that were designed be the focus of a handmade card, the center of attention on a scrapbook layout or cut up into fine detail and added to any mixed media project.  Each pack has 12 different art pieces printed on our Leather Mistable Paper.

 thumbs_20949-a-tangled-pack-imagination  thumbs_20918-a-tangled-pack-love  thumbs_20925-a-tangled-pack-thanks  thumbs_22400-tangled-pack-friendship
 thumbs_22394-tangled-pack-tags-and-cards thumbs_20963-a-tangled-pack-dreams  thumbs_20956-a-tangled-pack-happiness  thumbs_20932-a-tangled-pack-journey

The pieces within the packs are filled with fun sayings, inspirational thoughts or fun simple pieces of art ready to be part of your next project.  This fun handmade card ‘Thinking of You’ by Yasmina Tin-Sang was painted with our Baseboard Mist and you can see how very different the yellows are when painted on the Tattered Tangles paper vs. being painted on the matte finish background paper.  The combination is what makes this card so special.  

Thinking of you card2

Agnieszka Bellaidea created this ‘Be Amazing’ mixed media card and added her own personal doodle style.  Our Tattered Tangles packs are a great way to get your doodles going.  When creating your own art you can start with our blank ‘Leather’ Paper or you can doodle anywhere you like and the results will be unique depending on the pen, marker or pencil you use and the base paper of choice.

Be amazing1

Just a bit more about this special ‘Leather’ paper, it got the name from the way it feels, smooth like a piece of leather, but creativity what it is all about is a finish that brings the best out in all colors added and allows the paint or color float.


‘Find Yourself Canvas’ by Dana Tater.  Coloring in the Lines – add deep rich color where you want and in any color palette.  Dana then created cut outs within the art and finely cut out the title to for this layered look.  Add to a stretched canvas, journal cover or a handmade card with touches of canvas and jute tinted in rich colors to bring out this fun color palette.


This ‘Just Breathe’ Handmade Card by Marie Johansson, shows off how beautiful the Tangles are when a Watercolor paint effect is used.  Our Mist Paints are perfect for watercoloring, just blend, dip in your brush and paint.  Our Mists with a unique recipe of colors and mica glimmer, when you water color the unique blend of color of each shines beautifully through.


Tattered Tangles allows you to create your own scrapbooking paper in the color palette of your choice.  It is a perfect companion to other paper lines as well to create trendy, unique scrapbook layouts like this ‘Swirl Tangle’ Layout by Ilana Polakiewicz.

Tangled Book1

As we take this Tangle journey we have touched on mixed media, card making, scrapbooking, creative agendas, but we are so excited to show you how amazing our Tangles can be in this stunning piece of jewelry by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou.  

Tangled Necklace2

Go on a journey with us to see how our Creative Crew Gets Tangled.  We hope that these amazing projects inspire you to do a little doodling, do a little coloring and let your creativity run wild.   If you are not sure that this style of art is up your alley, you will want to see how our Crew members approached their projects with their own design style. Now go on and Get Tangled!



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