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Valentine’s Day Decor Nice and Easy

I don’t usually decorate my home for any of the holidays – well, Christmas is the exception to this rule but that’s because of my upbringing. Anyways… I don’t usually decorate my home for Halloween or Easter or Valentine’s Day but this year, I decided to change it and try putting a bit of the seasonal feel into my house, you know… join the club, as some might say.

So there were two things I decided to make – something to put on the wall in our living room and something to give to my significant other while having a quiet glass of wine on the day.

I was desperate house the new Tattered Angels Colour Wash Paints so wood was the base material I wanted to use.
Recently, I have been a couple of times to my local Country Baskets – UK’s largest wholesaler of floristry supplies and artificial flowers, who is also home to huge ranges of wedding product, pottery, glassware, home accessories, craft products and baskets.
While walking through aisles filled with baskets, vases, artificial flowers and miles of ribbons, I picked up some heart shaped wooden coasters, wooden LOVE sign and a rustic wreath made of platted twigs. You can’t get a better base than these for testing the Colour Wash, I thought.

I wanted to make the wreath look even more rustic and distressed so I randomly sprayed it with White Wash, dried and sprayed again. Now, it looks lovely and weathered! I also dug deep into my secret stash of ribbons, lace and fabric flowers – it was time to add the boho element to my wreath.
For the wooden LOVE, I wanted to create an ombre effect so I used White, red and purple Colour Wash which blended into each other creating a lovely shading effect.
By the way, have you noticed the three little wooden hearts in between the flowers??? I totally adore them! Especially the ones with bark on them. So full of yummy textures.

The wooden coasters were just that – plain and boring. They needed life and colour and passion so it was time to use more Colour Wash – Wine Red this time. And why not go ‘full romantic’ and add even more hearts??? Texture paste and a stencil sorted that out!!!

Now that I had the decor taken care of, it was time to prepare something I could give to my (so called wink wink) ‘better half’.

Since I know what would happen to a traditional card (rubbish-town within a couple days), a trick was my only option.
I color-washed a straw heart using the same colour as I used for the LOVE word in my wreath; I backed it with a cut-to-shape canvas and embellished with some fabric flowers and a retro image. That way, it would serve as a piece of home decor. (hahaha, I win!)

But… Where’s the card??? I hear you ask.
Your answer is here… (clever, right?!?)

V’Day celebrations tend to involve a glass of red wine in my house so a set of coasters and a matching gift bag were my last task.
I used plain canvas sack and round coasters on which I stamped out hearts in two colours using red and magenta fabric paint. I used one of the bark-covered mini hearts – it gave the print cool irregular effect.

Decor nice and easy as well as cute and functional – does it get any better?!? We will be able to re-use the coasters time and time again and, I’m sure, the gift sack will become a storage container for some sort of secret paraphernalia. The ‘card’ will hopefully live for a bit longer than couple of days and the wreath… well, we’ll keep moving it around the house so that each room and maybe even door get to experience it’s radiant beauty.

As you can see, I am ready! Are you?

Happy crafty preparations!



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