Abstract Watercolor Art with Tattered Angels

Hello everyone, it’s Zinia Redo here and today I’d like to share with you an two pieces of watercolor art I created using some of my favorite Tattered Angels products. I really love using my sprays in fun and interesting ways so instead of spraying on my project, I applied them with a paint brush. This is a very easy way to create watercolor effect without using actual watercolors.

art journal page

I started by creating some resist areas on my page using Glimmer Glam, Glimmer Glaze and High Impact paint. All these types of paints dry permanent and they don’t absorb the color you apply on top. That way you can use them as resist when you are combining them with your ink sprays.
I applied those paints in different ways. I did some markmaking and also some brush strokes covering bigger areas to create some variety.
Once the paints were dry, I went in with my ink sprays. I applied them using a paint brush and put down small strokes of ink for each color. I let colors touch and bleed into each other to create this beautiful watercolor effect. In some cases, I added extra water to help the ink flow and blend better.
I went over the paint marks with my ink to reveal their resist properties and create that contrast effect using complimenting colors.
This is a very simple technique that creates beautiful abstract pieces and also helps you get more comfortable with your supplies. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced artists so just pull out your favorite supplies and create a beautiful watercolor page!

Materials used:
Tattered Angels – High Impact Paint – Light Blue

Tattered Angels – Glimmer Glam – Light Blue
Tattered Angels – Glimmer Glaze Paint – Plumeria
Tattered Angels – Baseboard Mist Paint – Bittersweet
Tattered Angels – Chalkboard Mist Paint – Splash and Violet Rose
Tattered Angels – Baseboard Mist Paint – Ivory
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer – Rosey
Tattered Angels – Glimmer Mist – DragonflyAfraid of the DarkBlack Cherry

Abstract Inky Floral

This style and technique can be applied to any stencil image you want but I think it’s especially beautiful with floral images.

The first step is to apply some paper paste through a floral stencil. If you don’t have paper paste go for a light paste cause you want it to be absorbent when you start adding your sprays on top.
After the paste is dry it’s time to start coloring the image. I like to wet my paper first before applying the color to make sure it will spread and blend beautifully.
At first, I apply colors in large areas using a big paint brush. I only add a small amount of color or go for light colors for my first layer because I don’t want to over saturate the image too early.
When the first layer of ink is dry, I go back in with darker and richer shades of color to crate some contrast. I like adding my darker shades at the cracks around the paste to make those edges harder.
To add more character to my flower, I add more concentrated color marks using the nozzle of the spray. These messy abstract line are the heart and soul of the finished artwork piece.
So go ahead, pull your favorite stencil and turn it into an abstract masterpiece with the tips and techniques I shared with you today.

Materials used:
Tattered Angels – Glimmer Glaze Paint – Plumeria
Tattered Angels – Baseboard Mist Paint – SunburstFire
Tattered Angels – Chalkboard Mist Paint – Alaskan SalmonViolet Rose
Tattered Angels – Simply Sheer – Tangy Lime
Tattered Angels – Glimmer Mist – French Lime
Tattered Angels – Calendar Kit Paint System – Roses
Mixed Media Paper, Paint Brush, Paper Paste
Flower Stencil (Donna Downey Studios), Quote Stamp



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