How To Make A Mixed Media Canvas – Enjoy the Garden

So you love the new mixed media art you are seeing, but have not taken the leap and tried it for yourself yet, well here is a great step by step that might just help get you started.  
Here are a few rules to follow when creating mixed media art:
1. There are no rules
2. Create with what you have, search for found objects, choose craft supplies you are drawn to – anything goes
3. If the color is not right, change it
4. If you don’t have a canvas, any surface will do, old record album, piece of wood, repurposed canvas
5. It is ok to get a little messy
6. You cannot mess up, just paint over it and start again
7. Choose any theme that speaks to you, your art, your way
8. Have fun with layers, that is what makes it fun
9. Try new things, experiment, make mistakes (sometimes these are the best results)
10. Watch videos and search for great blogs there are so many great ideas out there that will jumpstart your creativity.
So there is Crew Member, Kimberly’s “Enjoy the Garden” Mixed media Canvas.  She shows off some great techniques and also inspires you to think outside of the box, starting with turning her stretched canvas backwards, creating an instant shadowbox for her project.  No worries if the edges are a little frayed or the back is not perfect, all the better. 
Completed Canvas
I’m here today to share a fun way to use the mixed media origins papers in your mixed media projects!  I would love to inspire you to try mixed media if you haven’t already – it’s so fun and addicting .  Gather up some of your favorite little finds from outdoors to add to your canvas, such as small sticks pine cones, moss, little rocks, etc.
Supplies Used:

Tools Used: Markers; Glue; Paint brush; Scissors

Step 1:  First, you will want to color your Mixed Media Origins Paper, then fussy cut the pieces you want out – set it aside.  You can color the Origins papers with markers, watercolors, watercolor pencils and more.  The paper loves water and finishes just beautifully.  If you are on the move however, markers are a great alternative and you can color on the go. So just like you used to grab the crayons and coloring book for the kids, grab your markers and beautiful papers.

Step 1 Part 1 - Bunny
The detail in the art shows through your coloring work, adding texture and dimension.  You can use acrylics and opaque markers, but the detailing will go away, but it gives you a whole different look.
Mixed Media Technique:  create you own art by coloring in black and white art in your own colors and theme for the mixed media piece.
Step 1 Part 2 - Flowers
 Step 2:  Now grab your Canvas Corp stretched canvas – I used the 6 X 12 and turned it onto the back side.  Pour some paint onto plate (I used Tattered Angels Decor & DIY paints in the colors crystal and tan, you can use Tattered Angels High Impact Paints or acrylic paints too). Dip your brush into the paint and paint a piece of bubble wrap. Dab onto the edges of your canvas, altering with other colors.
Mixed Media Technique:  Use materials you have around the house like bubble wrap, clear wrap, cardboard, paper bags to dip in paint and make random patterns on your surfaces.  
Step 3 Part 2 - DIY Paint
 I took two small pieces of bubble wrap so I didn’t mix my paints.Step 2 - Canvas
The exposed edges give the canvas extra personality.
Step 3:  Now take your lace and glue it to the inside of canvas before adding anything else to it.  No worries if it is not the perfect size, just glue it into place, this is a great way to use found lace, lace from old clothing or a big of lace picked up at a vintage store, it might look like a mess in the bag, but looks great in a piece like this.
Step 4:  You can fiddle around with your different cut and colored pieces to get the desired look you want before you glue each of them down. I made some small slits into my different pieces to slip some flower cuts in, so it would look like its growing. Now glue everything down.
Completed Canvas
 Now this is when the picture really starts to take form – when you add some of your finds from your yard, etc.  Add a saying like “enjoy a little garden therapy”  You will find great sayings papers in a wide range of themes from Canvas Corp.
 CCP2853 Garden Sayings on Ivory

So now that you see how easy it can be to create a simple mixed media project with supplies and goodies found around the house, a few paints, a few papers and your creativity.

Happy Creating! 

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  1. June 5, 2016 @ 7:29 pm Dorina D

    What a fun blog. Love all the great tips and the encouragement for someone to “Play”. Such a unique canvas shown. Thanks for sharing


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